Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bikhre Bimb - a perspective!

Aap log to sirf mujhe dekhte hain stage pe… par iss performance ke peeche 15 aur logon ka haath hai. Mai chahti hoon ke aap un sab ke liye ek round of applause dein, Dhanyawad. (You people see only me on stage, but there are 15 more people who contribute to this performance. I want all of you to give a round of applause for them. Thank you).

These were the humble words by Arundhati Nag at the end of a mesmerizing performance for a play called Bikhre bimb at Rangashankara. Every person in that glorious auditorium was up on their feet to applaud. They had every reason to do so. They were applauding a wonderful actor, a humble personality, a flawless fantastic performance, a brilliant director and a hard working team.

Arundhati Nag

Arundhati Nag, who won a National award for best supporting role for the movie PAA, is a well-known actress & theatre personality. On stage, she is such a grace. She, all by herself, kept a house full of audience attentive to her performance for the entire show. There was never a dull moment.

Enacting a play is not as easy as we think. Unlike movies where in there are several re-takes, spot boys to help actors with script and what not. On the contrary, here a performer has no option re-takes. Everything is live in-front of the audience. There is very limited, or I can say, NO ROOM FOR ERROR. Arundhati Nag is one of the finest among all and the standing ovation was, perhaps, a proof of it.

Bikhre bimb

Bikhre bimb (Broken images)
is a play written originally in Kannada, odakalu bimba, by noted playwright, poet, director, actor Girish Karnad. Bikhre bimb (co-directed by KM Chaitanya) is all about Manjula Naik, a professor of English literature, who also writes short stories in Kannada. Her life changes drastically after she comes up with a novel in English. Even though the audience thinks this as the epitome of the play, but the story moves on to take a lot of interesting twists and turns.

Though this is a mono act, it is the brilliance of Mr. Girish Karnad, who makes the audience feel the presence of other prominent characters, Manjula’s husband & her sister, on stage. The play has an elegant touch of humor which enthralls the audience. I would honestly urge those who live in Bangalore, not to miss this play.

The essence of this play is about a human being’s existence and his conscious. No matter how you present yourself to the world, your conscious will know what you are.


Located in one of the prime localities of Bangalore, Rangashankara is an inception of late Mr. Shankar Nag. Husband of Arundhati Nag, he was a prominent actor, director and a visionary. Ambience is quite scintillating. Auditorium is very decently designed to seat an audience of more than a couple of hundreds.

Things to remember

Unlike movie theatres, there are no seat numbers at Rangashankara. You have to be present at the venue half n hour before the show time. And most importantly, if you are late by even a few minutes, you will be denied entry in the auditoria, reason – Very obvious, you can not disturb others.

Plays begin on the time. Pin drop silence prevails. You will be requested to turn-off your mobiles phones, even though there are jammers installed in the premises, to ensure there in no inconvenience caused during the entire performance. There is every measure taken to let you enjoy the show. So better do it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Women's day!

Happy women's day to all female friends, followers and my dear readers. I am pretty sure that no words are enough to explain a woman. But here is a expression of gratitude towards thier existence. Thank you for being a woman.

You bring strength as a sister, love as a wife, happiness as a girl
Serene as ever, you are marvelous as a pearl...
Sacred as a mother, under her feet is the heaven
You are so wonderful,i thank you for being a woman...