Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Intimacy in 55 words

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Googled image

Clasped hands, gasping breath, moist lips and eyes filled with desire they were about to relish their wild fantasy. Embraced in eternal bliss they sensed, for instance, a paradise. They endured intimacy like never before.

No evil could dare to separate those fervent souls but the harsh tone of alarm which crushed his dream, often. 

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PS: My foray into the world of 55 word stories. Enlighten me with your criticism or Laud with acclaim. I thank you.

PPS: I hate alarms.

(PS and PPS is one more 55 words story I guess…lol)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Humane - Gentle: Part 4

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It had been a while since i wrote anything in sequel to my earlier posts with the title Gentle. It is all about the wonderful gestures of humble people characterized by sympathy, by compassion, by the tenderness towards others. You can read my earlier ones here: Part three, Part two and Part one.

Traffic snarls can, and will, at times, leave your arse numb, while sitting in your car or on your bike. It was around eight o'clock when i was returning home. As always the roads were crowded. Patience is the key to peace while you are out on the road either driving or riding. The other way is to swear. Most people stick to the later, even me.

A car in front of me had slowed down on it's pace at a crossroad. The person at the driver's seat handed a few coins to the traffic policeman at vigil. I was wondering at the predicament of that public servant. Was he accepting birbe? That too A FEW COINS.

A few seconds later i realised that all policemen might not be corrupt. Some are gentlemen. That person in the car must be a philanthropist. He gave those few coins to the policemen to hand it over to a beggar, a beggar who was not fake, a beggar who was stricken by misfortune. The gentleman in the khaki & white uniform did oblige, walked a few yards to help the helpless.

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It is these kind of people, with a deep feeling of sorrow and a strong desire to alleviate the suffering, uphold the humane gestures.

Be gentle be humane.