Monday, October 31, 2011

Gentle!!! Part 3

This is my third post in sequel, with the title “gentle”. These posts capture some of the simple yet humble gestures of people around me, making the moment a pleasant one.

It had been more than a couple of weeks I hadn’t taken my mom out. Jayanagar is the place we often visit. She is very much fond of the tasty, crispy Masala Dosa’s at the very popular food joint, Ganesha bhavan. Today I had a chance to take her out to her favorite hang-out.

Ganesha bhavan, which is also popularly known as dose camp, is always crowded. One has to wait for ten to fifteen minutes to savor the delicious food. This eatery is always buzzing with people of all ages & culture, young & old. Today, while waiting for my order to be served, I saw a beautiful girl. She was very charmingly clad in a stunning green silk saree. She was dressed to perfection. Her cute eyes were so attractive. Her glossy red lips elegantly matched the border color of her saree. She looked so gorgeous.

She was waiting for her take away order to be served, which took quite more time than usual, since the queue was longer. As the moments passed by, I noticed another woman walking up to her & without conversing a word, helped that gorgeous lady to set her pallu in a right way. Later I realized that the strap of her inner wear was slightly visible near her shoulder back. The lady, with a smile, whispered thank you to the one who helped her.

I noticed two great qualities in that woman. One was her respect towards other females. I am pretty sure there were many other women who might have noticed it, but did not have the courage to set it right. The other was her humble way of expression. She made it look so simple that the gorgeous lady did not feel embarrassed in front of others. Just great!

Smile is indeed a beautiful gesture.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Weddings are the ones where, of course, a couple begin their new phase of life, but also, weddings are the ones where friends reunite. People who stay far away from their childhood buddies or their college friends, get a chance to catch up with them. Undoubtedly, the recent advertisement which says "waise har ek friend zaroori hota hai (every friend is important)" is absolutely true.

Recently, my high school friend's wedding helped me meet some of the buddies whom i had not met for a long time. Not so surprisingly, all of us became very Nostalgic. Hours were spent remembering our school days. Each & every moment was still so fresh in our memories. All of us expressed one wish, wish we get back those days!

I always keep thinking if i wake up one fine day & find myself having gone back a reasonable amount of time. I wish i get back my school days, to be with the same bunch of friends. I also wish one day i meet a magician, who can make my wish come true.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Captured my random thoughts in the form of these poems..Read on !!!

I run out of words to express my feelings,
Nothing more worth than those beautiful evenings...
Hand in hand we walked many a mile,
Never did I realize she was here only for a while...

When the pages of my past flutter,
She is the one whom i remember...
Lonely i sit yearning for more & more,
How do i tell she is the one i always adore...

I wish she was sitting next to me holding my hand,
Making my life more meaningful and a lot grand…
Whole world appeared to me as my fantasy,
Colors of joy around & a heart filled with ecstasy…

Her beautiful eyes speaks a thousand words
Her smile shines like a diamond in the herds…
She is always a personification of self sacrifice
She spells magic in her mesmerizing voice…

The imagination of a poet holds no barrier, needs no explanation. The perception & his emotions flow with his mood & the time. Lot more to come.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gentle - Continued

Well, it's been quite a long time since my previous post. I must apologize to my fellow bloggers for not yet passing the "versatile blogger award" which i received. It is indeed coming soon.

Meanwhile i took some time off to continue or, as the thought creeps through my mind, to have a series of posts on the title "gentle" gestures. The first of these is here.

Day 3
It was a very long day. Took a day off from office, drove for nearly 500 kilometers in about 8 hours, with a very minimal rest & very delicious lunch at my sister's place. Evening was planned to attend a good friend's wedding reception. Anyone who knows how hectic it is to drive for long hours, can imagine my plight on this day.

I returned home at around 7:30 PM, took shower, dressed up in a flash & took off for the wedding venue, which was on the other part of the city (Bangalore). With all the possible cursing & swearing on the rash & negligent riders & drivers, i reached half way of my journey. I like the word journey so much that i use it so often. So you can imagine why the title of my blog also has this word in it.

i was waiting at a zebra crossing of busy junction which was manned by a policeman since it did not have the traffic signal. The junction had tall tower which had several huge lights at the top. It was well illuminated. Lot of people were crossing the road. As the pedestrians herd was over, i looked at the policeman who waved & signaled the traffic to pass on.

As i slowly started to move, a girl wearing a combination of green & red salwar came running to cross the road. Her silky hair neatly tied, her face glowing as bright as a star, her beautiful eager eyes wide open, her lips wore a matching red lipstick. She stood right in front me, but only to cross the road, since the car in which i was traveling was stopping her way.

As a humble human, i stopped the car & made a gesture towards her to cross, but unfortunately, the traffic at the other side had already started off at a high speed. Feeling sad for her, i shrugged my shoulders & gave her a sorry smile. she did acknowledge me with her flamboyant smile. Her moist red lips spread large over her cute face made her look so gorgeous. Rest of my day ended with a pleasant mood & a smile.

Smile is indeed a beautiful gesture. Have it ! Be gentle !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woman !!!

I wish all the women, a very Happy Women's day. Woman is the personification of self sacrifice. She is very special. Starting with Mother, then as a caring sister, a friend to rely on and as a life partner. A woman is always part of our life, making it pleasant & beautiful. On this Women's day, i would like to dedicate a poem, my first one, to all the women on earth. Thanks for being a woman.

As i said, this is my first ever try towards writing poems, I welcome your appreciation & criticism as well. Here it is,

When the winds of memories flow,
her thoughts, begin to glow...
sweet were the days when we were together,
i wish, those days, come back to me forever...

The days have become very long,
and the nights begin to haunt...
Magic filled the air when she was around,
am sitting here all alone, looking at life, beyond...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gentle !

It's quite a wonderful feeling when you come across some gentle gestures from little unknown people or even at not much familiar places you often visit. A flashy smile or a comprehending look from a stranger might well get you out of frustration at times. If you are part of any busy bustling cities, where traffic snarls find it very easy to bug you out of your mind on any given day, these gestures, does make you smile at the end of a hectic day. Let me share some of similar gestures I came across in the last couple of days.

Day 1

On the other day, I had to accompany my mom & sister in law to a nearby doctor. It's a car shed turned into a very neat clinic. As a first time visitor, I was going through all the usual health awareness posters, which are common among all the doctors. One little note, which I felt & I had not seen before at any of the hospitals or clinics, amused me. I only treat, he cures was painted in blue italics on a white colored wall. Even the doctor was a simple person like the words written outside.

Day 2

I was riding through the busy Bangalore roads, which are always crowded, on my Honda active last night. Thanks to on going metro rail construction, traffic woes are getting worse these days. Waiting for the signal to turn green, was having a look the giant machinery at the construction site. The guy on a similar two wheeler came rushing behind me & was honking out loud on me. I had no where to go. With a fully determined anger to shout, I turned towards him. There came a gentle gesture from an elderly gentleman. With a humble smile on his face, that person apologized to me stating a faulty horn switch. Anger vanished & the smile was back on my face.

Smile is indeed a beautiful gesture. Have it ! Be gentle !

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspirational Kim

For tennis lovers, the year starts with Australian open championship. It is a pleasure to watch the magnanimous athletes displaying their immense talent in front of a large audience & the millions of viewers on television. The quest to win is relentless.

I was heart broken to see Rafa (Rafael Nadal) losing in the quarter finals this year. Being a huge Rafa fan, i was expecting him to defeat flamboyant Roger Federer in the final. My good friend Milind, was pretty much sure Roger will overcome mighty Rafa this time. Unfortunately, both of us have to wait a while to fight over these two great players.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

After Rafa's early exit from the tournament, my attention was on Kim Clijsters, the super mom from Belgium, who is playing her career best so far. At the age of 27, mother to a three year old daughter, Kim is definitely on a dream run of her career. She has won four grand slam titles with three of these as a mother. She displays an incredible athleticism & perseverance on court. She is just fabulous.

I was pretty much sure of her win during the recently concluded Australian open. I was eagerly waiting to watch her championship clash against the equally talented
Chinese woman, Li Na. Things were not so easy as i had thought. Li Na was indeed a tough opponent to beat. Disappointment loomed large on me as Kim lost the first set six games to three. I thought it is a better time for me to switch off the television & have my lunch. So did i.

After a prolonged lunch & self imposed exile from the television set, very hesitatingly i turned it on to see the post match presentation. To my amusement, the match was still on with Kim serving for the match at five games to three. She had bounced back brilliantly in to the match winning the second set quite comfortably. I jumped with joy & let out a wild scream. Thankfully i was alone at home.

Last four points of the match were won with ease & in style. Kim started her humble celebrations by waving her arms to the huge crowd which gave a standing ovation. She was in tears. This was a remarkable performance. Truly inspirational.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic day !

If i recall my school days, the months of January & August were filled with a lot of excitement & fun. Apart from being very prominent in the history of independent India, these were the months when i used to get a chance to participate in all the fine arts & sports activities at school. Finally when the D-days come, with all enthusiasm i used to attend the celebrations.

As the days passed on, professional life got so much big on us that we stopped enjoying those moments. On a same note, couple of years back, myself & good friend Guru, thought of attending a nearby school during these two days. This year too, both of us were lucky enough to be part of the republic day celebrations at 'Holy Saint primary school', located in Jayanagar.

We started the day with breakfast at the Adiga's hotel in Banashankari. I had hot set dosa & crispy vada, while guru had tasty pongal. We reached the school around 8:30 AM. Since we knew the timings of the event, we were on time. Last year we had reached too early.

Watching those little Kindergarten kids dressed up neatly in their uniforms is such an amazing feeling. All were looking so cute & much disciplined to be standing in the rows marked. School management had made arrangements this time with pendals & chairs for the audience. The event was scheduled to begin at 9 30 AM. Teachers were busy in getting all the kids to their respective positions for the march past. Some were getting the flag post ready for the tricolor to be hoisted high.

Standing out
While we were waiting for the event to kick off, guru pointed out towards a girl, of about 12 or 13 years old, who was volunteering to take care of the little kids during the parade. She was given the responsibility of about fifteen students. That girl was running around to ensure each kid is looking perfect. There were many girls of her age who were doing the same as she was, but this girl was very graceful. She was physically challenged. We didn't have the courage to ask what her name was, or what was her inspiration. She was filled with immense energy.

The event
The celebrations began once the guests arrived. After the general salute, chief guest hoisted the flag. National anthem was played by the school band itself. Now it was time for the kids to begin their march past which they did without any hassles. It was a treat to watch these beautiful kids performing. As the other programs were about to begin, we both decided to get back home. It was indeed a very good beginning of the day for us.

I wish you all a very happy Republic day.