Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gentle !

It's quite a wonderful feeling when you come across some gentle gestures from little unknown people or even at not much familiar places you often visit. A flashy smile or a comprehending look from a stranger might well get you out of frustration at times. If you are part of any busy bustling cities, where traffic snarls find it very easy to bug you out of your mind on any given day, these gestures, does make you smile at the end of a hectic day. Let me share some of similar gestures I came across in the last couple of days.

Day 1

On the other day, I had to accompany my mom & sister in law to a nearby doctor. It's a car shed turned into a very neat clinic. As a first time visitor, I was going through all the usual health awareness posters, which are common among all the doctors. One little note, which I felt & I had not seen before at any of the hospitals or clinics, amused me. I only treat, he cures was painted in blue italics on a white colored wall. Even the doctor was a simple person like the words written outside.

Day 2

I was riding through the busy Bangalore roads, which are always crowded, on my Honda active last night. Thanks to on going metro rail construction, traffic woes are getting worse these days. Waiting for the signal to turn green, was having a look the giant machinery at the construction site. The guy on a similar two wheeler came rushing behind me & was honking out loud on me. I had no where to go. With a fully determined anger to shout, I turned towards him. There came a gentle gesture from an elderly gentleman. With a humble smile on his face, that person apologized to me stating a faulty horn switch. Anger vanished & the smile was back on my face.

Smile is indeed a beautiful gesture. Have it ! Be gentle !

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspirational Kim

For tennis lovers, the year starts with Australian open championship. It is a pleasure to watch the magnanimous athletes displaying their immense talent in front of a large audience & the millions of viewers on television. The quest to win is relentless.

I was heart broken to see Rafa (Rafael Nadal) losing in the quarter finals this year. Being a huge Rafa fan, i was expecting him to defeat flamboyant Roger Federer in the final. My good friend Milind, was pretty much sure Roger will overcome mighty Rafa this time. Unfortunately, both of us have to wait a while to fight over these two great players.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

After Rafa's early exit from the tournament, my attention was on Kim Clijsters, the super mom from Belgium, who is playing her career best so far. At the age of 27, mother to a three year old daughter, Kim is definitely on a dream run of her career. She has won four grand slam titles with three of these as a mother. She displays an incredible athleticism & perseverance on court. She is just fabulous.

I was pretty much sure of her win during the recently concluded Australian open. I was eagerly waiting to watch her championship clash against the equally talented
Chinese woman, Li Na. Things were not so easy as i had thought. Li Na was indeed a tough opponent to beat. Disappointment loomed large on me as Kim lost the first set six games to three. I thought it is a better time for me to switch off the television & have my lunch. So did i.

After a prolonged lunch & self imposed exile from the television set, very hesitatingly i turned it on to see the post match presentation. To my amusement, the match was still on with Kim serving for the match at five games to three. She had bounced back brilliantly in to the match winning the second set quite comfortably. I jumped with joy & let out a wild scream. Thankfully i was alone at home.

Last four points of the match were won with ease & in style. Kim started her humble celebrations by waving her arms to the huge crowd which gave a standing ovation. She was in tears. This was a remarkable performance. Truly inspirational.