Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Do!

Every man dreams about spending his life with an exceptional woman, with whom he shall share his soul, happiness, dreams, laments and every moment. Boundless joy and delight marks the occasion when these dreams come alive. September eighth, twenty twelve was the ecstatic day when I entered into a divine relationship of life, termed as marriage.

The moment when respected cleric questioned if I accepted Naziya as my wife, for the rest of my life, loud, clear and confident came the answer, Alhamdulillah, I Do. Never in words shall I be able to express my emotions at that instant. My contentment was endless, happiness abundant.

A few words for her!
Whenever I breathe, I remember you

In every breath, I feel the fragrance of you

Naive, is it the breath which keeps me alive?

Even before I breathe, I remember you!

Hunt for my life partner, officially, had begun around eight to ten months ago. Each time, clad in best of the fabric available, I set out for a formality which I hated the most. More than worse were the situations when I was asked to talk with prospective bride in front of a dozen people from those orthodox families. How on earth is it possible? I wonder how bad the girls would be cursing such situations.

My life was entirely different when I met Naziya during one such situation. It took less than a few seconds when I nodded my head in acceptance. The world around me was glittering gold (thanks to Naziya and the sunglasses I was wearing).

All these days I have been away from bloggers world. I hope I was missed (being optimistic here). I will try to read all your posts, very soon.

Hope to be a regular blogger soon. Thank you all.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Awards! Tags! Awards!

It has been a prodigious journey so far in the bloggers world. Little had I expected that this voyage will make me come across so many ingenious writers? I am glad to have discovered each of your blog space.

Abundant in talent, many recognize and appreciate imminent bloggers. I consider myself lucky to receive so many awards recently. Now it is my turn to accept and to pass it on.

Thank you:

Nagini: A Painter, voracious reader, a homemaker, a blogger. Her book reviews will make the books even more interesting. Thank you for honoring me with “Liebster blog award”.

Anupam: Versatile is the best word which will describe Anupam Patra. He writes about anything and everything. Current affairs, poetry, fiction, movies and the list will continue. I thank Anupam for awarding my second “Liebster blog award”.

Neha: Packed with passion and enthusiasm, Neha’s journal is an interesting blog. She will never fail to impress you with her witty posts. Thank you Neha for the double bonanza, an “awesome blogger” and one more “Liebster” 

Blue girl: I got this award out of the blue :). A new visitor on my blog, she honored me with one another “Liebster”. Thank you Blue girl.

Jaish: A compelling writer. She has got a Plenty of talent when it comes to narrating stories. Will keep readers glued to her blog with her enticing posts. Thank you for my first Tag Jaishree.

Liebster blog: The word Liebster is German, which translates to Dearest and also means Sweetest, Beloved, Kind, Pleasant, Cute etc.

Rules for all the Awards are almost similar: To accept the award, one has to

• Mention seven or eleven facts about him/ her.
• Answer the questions if you are asked by the person who awarded you.
• Tag the person who awarded you
• Pass on the awards to other bloggers

Facts about me:

Even though I hesitate to admit, one lousy fact is that I am very lazy. I am great at procrastinating things (It took me more than a month to accept these awards, confirms it). So to display my laziness, I am providing a link to one of earlier posts which mention some of the facts about me. Please bear with me to click here and to read them, of-course.

Here comes the tough part of this post. I hate exams for the same reason and many of you are getting me to do the same. Someone please help me.

Jaishree tagged me and has asked me to answer these many:

1) Is there any specific time of the day that you set aside for blogging?
Nope. I utilize my travel, to office, time to read other’s blogs.

2) Do you live to eat or eat to live? :)
It depends on the dish you are offering 

3) Name some movies you would never mind watching again and again
Anand, Cast away, Sharabi, Million dollar baby, behind enemy lines, a beautiful mind… list goes on Jaish.

4) Which is the best place you have been to on vacation?

5) If you are given an option of eradicating any one social evil in India which one would you pick and why?
I would love to see India free of all social evils. Has there been a day we haven’t read or heard about killings, rape’s, Blasts, Kidnaps? I want to see a day with peace.

6) Name one bad habit you have been trying to change
Bad habits and me? You must be kidding na? :) Procrastination
7) What’s your favorite cuisine and food items?
My mom cooks amazingly delicious Biriyani. So far that is my favorite.

8) Share something which a small kid said to you, the memory of which always brings a smile to your face
My nephew and I share a beautiful relation. I have many fond memories with him which never ceases to bring a smile on my face.

9) What was the scariest experience you had in life so far?
Receiving so many awards and the thought of facing so many tough questions 

10) When you are extremely confused about some decision what do you do?
I get confused, again :)

11) Which is your most favorite genre in blogging?
I like to be humorous. But I am not confined to any one genre. Hope to be versatile.

Huh… that was very tough Jaish.

Next is Anupam’s turn to trouble me :)

12] 'Checkered blue n white' or 'black'?
Checkered blue

13] Curtains or no curtains?

14] Hardcover, paperback or ebooks?

15] What's your ambiance while writing?

16] Do you plan to publish a novel?
Not yet.

17] Do you like to make a gift for your loved one or do you rather buy?
Make a gift, with love

18] Which is the most beautiful color according to you?
Sky looks so beautiful when it is blue.

19] What’s your mantra in life?
Forget past, Think of future.

20] Have you ever thought of becoming a soldier in your life?
Given a chance, I would love to serve Indian navy now (but they have age restrictions, I think)

21] Do you have stage fear?

22] ‘Mickey mouse/ Aladin/Duck Tales’ or ‘ Shin Chan/ Doraemon/ Kitretsu’?
Mickey mouse 

To add to my misery, Neha pitches in now:

23. Have you ever fallen off your bed while sleeping?
Nope. But I did act like I fell  to avoid college for a few days

24. Do you still sleep with your teddy bear?
I never slept with one. (Had you imagined asking this question to a boy, Neha?)

25. Which celebrity do you have a crush on right now?
Sunny :) (You guessed it right)

26. Have you ever done something wild & crazy? If so, do tell.
Answer to the first question is an example. There are a lot lot more 

27. Your favorite super-hero?
Batman (Shaktiman gave a tough fight for this answer though)

28. Your favorite childhood cartoon character?
Tom & Jerry, even now :)

29. Your hobbies?
Writing, reading, collage

30. Your favorite Author?
Paul Coelho

31. Your favorite junk food?
Pani-poori (golgappe)

32. Your favorite music band?
Not specific. Fan of Kishore, Lata, Rafi, Mukesh. Adele & Enrique are also favorites.

33. Are my questions silly and stupid?
I like them :)

Now it is time to pass on these prestigious awards. Toughest job to do. Each and every blogger is, indeed, a worthy recipient. Unfortunately I have to name only a few.

Liebster award goes to:
Ajeya – The hours – My memoir

Amit sir – Safarnama

Deepak sir (For your many blogs)– Magiceye

Rohu – Solitude sublime

Rads – Blog-a-zine

Sujata – Conversations

Ghazala – Woman on the run

Sonia – Never ending thoughts

Usha – Sizzling Indian recipes

Mangala – The world’s my oyster

Anu – Joys of blogging

Awesome blogger award goes to:

Nabanita – Random thoughts

Sushma Harish

Privy trifles - Memoirs of me

Vaishali - Soul curry

Alcina - Afixxion addixt

Arun - Passion for movies

Tangy tomato twist

Divya Nambiar - Tipsy from the trip

Anjali Saini - The virtual life

Arti – My yatra diary

Bikram (i know you have answered many questions earlier Bik, please don't link them Me and my random thoughts

PS: Award winners can pick any of the 11 questions from the above and answer them or they can even chose to mention 7 facts about themselves. Choice is yours :) Request all to pass on these. Thank you.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I sweat

Photo credit: Mak
 I sweat I fret I struggle I earn
Staring at your luxury I yearn
Gods must have been very partial 
Why am I at distress and his denial?

  PS: During a recent trip to Kerala, we stopped over at a village for a cup of early morning tea. A church, nearby, caught my attention and I started clicking some photographs. Four elderly women were cleaning the streets next to the church. One of them asked me to take their photos, in Malayalam, which I eventually understood. This poem is dedicated to her.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

An Affair!

Thoughtless to deeds of the realm, careless to the qualms they adored every moment precious.
Craving to be, always, in each other’s camaraderie, they had an incredible chemistry between them.  Seamless relationship is what they were bound with.

Obligated to create a novel existence, they have to say goodbye to each other. Goodbye to bachelorhood.

PS: Will miss it  :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Bull ride

The sun was gearing up to recommence his day at work. Chirping all along, birds winged out of their nests. Like wandering souls, I and VJ (Vijayananda SB) set out for an enthralling journey for the next two days on his red bull, a 350cc Royal Enfield. After initial hitches, synchronized with the swiftness of breeze, we were on our path to a serene place, Coorg. Better known as Kodagu, it is one among many attractive geographical locations in Karnataka.

Route for two wheelers: Bangalore – Mysore – Hunsur – Gonikoppa – Ponnampet – Kutta – Sreemangala (homestay). Two wheelers are not allowed inside the forest range. It takes 40 more kms to reach Nagarhole via this route.
Route for four wheelers: Bangalore – Mysore – Hunsur – Nagarhole – Sreemangala (homestay). No vehicles will be allowed after 5:15 PM.

Our first break was at Maddur to end our overnight fast. Crispy Masala Dosa and Maddur vada was the common preference for our platter. From here, smooth roads greeted us all the way till we reached Hunsur. Next stretch of about 40 kms, till Gonikoppa, was rough & bumpy. It was tough for me, the pillion rider. VJ, please add more cushion on your bull.

Ten of our friends who had reached Coorg a night earlier were waiting for our arrival at a hotel near Sreemangala. We had booked our accommodation at pristine homestay, 2 kms from here. It was an hour past noon as we finished our lunch and headed towards Nagarhole National park.

Known for its numerous streams, dense forest, valleys and waterfalls, it is also declared as one of the several tiger reserves. Indian bison and Elephants are highly populated in this region. We considered ourselves lucky to have spotted many elephants and a few bisons, if not the tigers. Safari timings: 6 AM to 8 AM and 3 PM to 5 PM.
Bonfire music dance and delicious dinner followed by a lengthy chat was the order of the night. Around midnight we allowed angels of sleep take over our tired souls. Next morning we were to visit Irupu falls.
Irupu falls/ Tea estate
Beautifully maintained by forest department and also the temple trust, Irupu is a fascinating place. A small trail leads to the concrete steps which will take us to the water fall. As we saw a thin layer of gushing water hitting the ground, a sense of joy prevailed. In no time both of us stripped to bare minimum clothes to let biting cold water to peck our face and then our entire figure. I don’t have enough words to express the joy I had at that very moment. Marvelous!

Little did we know that our enthusiastic expedition of Irupu would be cramped by unpleasant episodes of ignorance? We had committed two sins, please note sins, while we entered Irupu premises. First, we had violated the visitor timings. And the major of the two, we had parked our bull in extremely dangerous parking lot, that is the dense forests. It was only then I realized that ignorance is bliss. We ignored these two facts and experienced bliss. Now it was time to repent. We were made to pay a fine of 500 rupees and let go. Apart from the fine we were looked at as aliens by the kids who lived in the surroundings. Feels good :-)

Our next destination was a lone tea estate in the coffee dominated area. After taking some photographs it was time for us to head back. I believe pursuit is always longer. This was apparent while returning since we took lesser time. Clock ticked fifteen minutes past six when VJ smiled and said it was a nice time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Intimacy in 55 words

Googled image

Googled image

Clasped hands, gasping breath, moist lips and eyes filled with desire they were about to relish their wild fantasy. Embraced in eternal bliss they sensed, for instance, a paradise. They endured intimacy like never before.

No evil could dare to separate those fervent souls but the harsh tone of alarm which crushed his dream, often. 

Googled image

PS: My foray into the world of 55 word stories. Enlighten me with your criticism or Laud with acclaim. I thank you.

PPS: I hate alarms.

(PS and PPS is one more 55 words story I guess…lol)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Humane - Gentle: Part 4

Googled image
It had been a while since i wrote anything in sequel to my earlier posts with the title Gentle. It is all about the wonderful gestures of humble people characterized by sympathy, by compassion, by the tenderness towards others. You can read my earlier ones here: Part three, Part two and Part one.

Traffic snarls can, and will, at times, leave your arse numb, while sitting in your car or on your bike. It was around eight o'clock when i was returning home. As always the roads were crowded. Patience is the key to peace while you are out on the road either driving or riding. The other way is to swear. Most people stick to the later, even me.

A car in front of me had slowed down on it's pace at a crossroad. The person at the driver's seat handed a few coins to the traffic policeman at vigil. I was wondering at the predicament of that public servant. Was he accepting birbe? That too A FEW COINS.

A few seconds later i realised that all policemen might not be corrupt. Some are gentlemen. That person in the car must be a philanthropist. He gave those few coins to the policemen to hand it over to a beggar, a beggar who was not fake, a beggar who was stricken by misfortune. The gentleman in the khaki & white uniform did oblige, walked a few yards to help the helpless.

Googled image: STILL THERE IS

It is these kind of people, with a deep feeling of sorrow and a strong desire to alleviate the suffering, uphold the humane gestures.

Be gentle be humane.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Night !

It is the most awaited day; err the most eagerly WAITED NIGHT in every young, ENERGETIC, ENTHUSIASTIC boys and equally eager girls' life. Agree? Nevertheless if they had chosen to overcome the eagerness even before stepping into a wedlock, it happens to be everyone's dream to live that night once for the first time before doing so forever thereafter.

Many weave their dreams to indulge in pleasure & utmost intimacy with their life partners. It is the night when your body & soul unite into one relationship, a divine relationship.

My obsession towards attending weddings, especially friend's weddings, took me to one of the most beautiful historical metropolitan Hyderabad. The grandeur Nizam's had spent better part of lives here. Language doesn't hold any barrier between the local residents and the adaptable visitors. Most of the people speak Urdu which helps travelers, only if they know Hindi. Telugu is its native language.


Known for its rich cultural heritage, wedding ceremonies are wroth attending in this city. Contrasting to other places, most of the rituals begin in the evening. It was around ten in the night when NIKAH (main ritual of wedding among Muslims is called as Nikah) was performed. People who had gathered wished the Bridegroom.
Wedding hall
For enthusiasts like me, who often visit the weddings, with a whole and sole intention of looking at beautiful girls, it was disappointing. Like many Muslim weddings, this one too had separate seating arrangements for men and the gorgeous women. So sad na?

It was already midnight when we went for dinner along with bridegroom. Kanyadaan (sending off of Bride) was at around two in the morning. All the while only one thing was going on in my mind, and I am sure even you must be thinking of it by now, that when is the FIRST NIGHT going to happen?

My dear lord it was already three in the morning and yet the new couple was still at the function hall, Greeting with smile at the guests. I can never imagine and I will never even think of getting married in the night.

This was the time to be in each other’s arms but not hugging the guests. It was the time to be caressing each other rather than accepting gifts. It was the time to indulge in each other’s love but they were far from doing any of that. They had to wait for one more day to enjoy their FIRST NIGHT. I pity.

I couldn’t stop myself laughing at the mere thought of a song “suhaag raat hai ghoonghat uthaa raha hoon mai…simat rahi hai tu sharmaake apni baahon me”. My friend had to tweak the lyrics a little “suhaag DIN hai ghoonghat uthaa raha hoon mai”.

I had heard about one of my friend getting a muhoortham (auspicious time) after twelve after he got married for his first night. I have no words. For those who believe that weddings are not all about physical intimacy, a healthy relationship does depend on it.

PS: For those of you who expected more after reading the title, I apologize. :-)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hey, it's a birthday!

I commute to office every day, for about an hour, at daybreak & return home as twilight prevails, in an automobile called as tempo traveler. We get to know new people who travel with us. We make friends. We also miss those beautiful people who, in the journey of life, at some point, prefer to take up different trails. We do hang out on weekends & we do celebrate birthdays of our cab mates. DON'T WE?

I remember seeing one of my senior friends eyes being moist at his birthday party, planned as a surprise. It was for the first time, in more than three decades, he was celebrating his birthday, ceremoniously. It was for the first time he blew candles & cut a cake, a delicious one. Birthday boy, oops birthday uncle, was very delighted at this pleasant surprise. His joy had no bounds yet he had it humble. His glittering eyes had an incredible happiness to share.

Birthday...Isn't it the best day of your life? Is it not the day which you eagerly await a whole year? I am damn sure you will nod your head in concurrence. I DO. Is it not the day you wish to be happy (more happy than on other days, though)?Is it not our birth right to remember our friends' birthdays? YES IT IS! Will we not be guilty if we forget & fail to bring a smile on a person's face by not wishing happy birthday? YES WE WILL BE.

As a famous joke goes, "best way to remember your wife's {(Don’t read it as wives) (girl friend's for bachelors) birthday is to forget it once. You will never forget it again". Don't you agree?

Social networking sites, these days, will keep saving if you do not remember any of those birthdates. You get hundred's of wishes, on your wall. So called best friends will wish in their own styles. Even if you give thousands of excuses, you will be made to pay a hefty bill. That is the best way it can happen. I love it.

There will be a few formal wishes from friends, acquaintances and also from people whom you might take a while to remember their name, if you happen to bump into each other. Thanks to Facebook, orkut, twitter etc. etc.

Have you ever realized what happens if you choose to turn off those notifications? How many names in your friends list remember YOUR BIRTHDAY? Check out.

By the way, how many do you REMEMBER?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Children of a lesser God!

Aamir's television show Satyamev jayate inspired me to post this, again. This is one of the earlier posts on my blog (two years ago, to be precise). From past one week i had nothing running in my mind which i can blog about, so thought of writing (editing) this again.

No, i am neither talking anything about Mr Aamir Khan nor his show. Also, the title of this post has nothing to do with the eighties' melodrama. 

Sanath, tell me the names of at least 5 cars you know?
Maruti… Honda… Indigo…Maruti, Honda, Indigo…
Say it loudly Sanath, I can’t hear, u have 2 more to go. (This time more articulate from the teacher)
Maruti, Honda, Indigo… (The boy was very hesitant to answer further)
Will u not answer if someone is looking at you Sanath?

This was a conversation between a teacher & her student. To be precise, this was perhaps a conversation between a teacher & a ten year old student, Sanath. You might be wondering why such a simple question was asked to a ten year old. In fact boys of this age can answer a lot more difficult ones than this one. If you are thinking if something was not proper, yes your thoughts are right. Sanath is mentally challenged. I witnessed this above conversation at ‘Apoorva center for AUTISM’ located at JP Nagar, Bangalore. Sanath is one among the 22 children who come here every day for special kind of schooling. This is the school meant only for children with Autism. The children of lesser gods.

Sanath's Elephant ...Jumbo Elephant!
Autism is a neural disorder in kids. It causes them to experience this world entirely different from the way most other kids normally do. They cannot express their feelings to others through words. They cannot eat, they cannot walk properly, they cannot play, they cannot feel, and they cannot. They just cannot.

My son is 18 years old. He is here for 15 years now’ Lakshmi madam, who is the caretaker of this noble institution, told this. She gave up her banking job to look after her son. He was 3 years when they noticed his disorder. Her elder son works for a reputed firm in US.

Every kid at Apoorva had different behavior. Some were happy on seeing strange people walking up to them & trying to be friendly with them. Some resisted, some shied away, and some not even tried to have an eye contact, as in case of Sanath. One of them was crying profusely just to avoid mathematics class. He hated numbers.

These kids, mostly, prefer to be alone, sometimes they don’t respond no matter how much loud you talk & sometimes they get afraid of even a meager noise. They don’t have a real fear of dangers. Sometimes they show their extreme distress for simple or no apparent reason. They find it extremely vulnerable to interact with other people. They never like to see any sort of change in their routine.

Autism doesn’t have any particular symptoms related to health, as per doctors. Kids’ behavior is the only way to figure out the disorder. Usually AUTISM in kids can be detected when they are around 18 months old. Worst part is that there is no treatment for this disorder. Early detection, Doctors’, therapists & the special teaching alone can bring any difference to these Children of a lesser God.

Some of the beautiful paintings at Apoorva
"The tallest man is he who stoops to help a child" are the humble words you will get to read on Apoorva's website.

Many thanks to my friend D who took me to this place.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

So cute!

Her death, under mystifying conditions, had all the family members perturbed. But astonishingly, there were people who seemed not only insensitive to the bereavement but were content with the news of her demise. Not even in their wild imagination did they believe she would come alive to avenge (haunt) her rivals.

When the time had come to put an end to her vengeance, she finds herself in a deeper grave. Unfolding situations had left the bitter truth of her life stand naked in front of her. It was hard to acknowledge the reality that those she believed to be her parents all her life, were not the ones who gave birth to her. To make the situation more vulnerable, she comes across her sister, who happens to be her identical twin, who also is a partner in crime.

I am not trying by hand on fiction. I would certainly want to but not anything, even slightly closer, to the one above. You might be shocked to know that it is the story of a saas bahu (mother in law, daughter in law) tele serial broadcasted during the prime time on one of the leading channels. If I am given a chance, I would shoot the writer at point blank range. Can you even imagine it to be any closer to reality? I wonder how do people follow it so closely.

Literally, there would be world wars happening if anyone dares to browse any different channel other than the ones airing these stupid soaps. Many thanks to one of the leading lady of Indian television (can be read as Ekta).

Let me not divert my intention of coming up with this post. I think I have already deviated much. Last weekend, thank almighty that they let us have television remote controls on weekends, while browsing through, I stopped at one of the reality dance show. Having enjoyed the success for more than a couple of years, this reality show is quite admired by all age factions.

Auditions are more interesting and most of the times hilarious to watch. All kinds of people put their talent at stake in front of the judges and also millions of viewers. This year it is time for the kids to unravel their blooming bundle of talent. I bet a fortune that watching these kids is far better than watching some idiotic serials. (Let me not elaborate why did I watch one of those serials)

No matter how worse or how chaotic your day at work would have been, watching these kids shake their leg to the peppy numbers will, of-course, make you feel better. You might not have seen cuteness being personified. I am sure you will.

Prabal Bhandari & Arya Jain
Last week it was these two cute & pretty kids, five year old boy & four year old girl, performing to a duet song, which must have left the masters of dance wondering. Those two kids had put the best of the dancers at shame. They were flawless. They danced to perfection. They danced in sync. They had put the stage on fire. They made everyone watching them smile. They had innocence in their dance. They had happiness.

Enjoy watching them here.

PS: I am not paid for promoting the show or the channel J

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Desperate Eyes

googled image

Rubeena, with her melodiously sweet voice was talking to one of the many callers on her show called ‘flashback with Rubeena’ on radio. I was falling in love with Kavitha Krishnamurthy who was at her vocal best in one of her songs being aired. Next to follow was the legendary voice of Mr. Jagjit Singh, singing one of the best gazals of all time. Humming to these serene tunes I was couched comfortably at the navigator’s seat of a friend’s car.

Rubeena had an interesting topic being discussed on air. She was asking her listeners to express their childhood memories where in they had anything mischievous to hide their wrong doings. One of the interesting caller, believe me she also had an amazing voice, went on to narrate her tale. We were at a traffic signal when a boy, who had been to this world around a decade ago, approached us to sell a toy.

His bones were wrapped around with a thin layer of skin, which could have easily been torn apart, without prompting much of a pain. His hair screamed they had never been caressed with the smoothness of oil. His clothes had seldom tasted water. His dark eyes were so so desperate. His voice uttered emotions.

The toy!
One thing which impressed me is that though life had pushed him to extremities of deadly hunger and poverty, it hasn’t got the best of him, yet. He was not begging. More often than not we see people resorting to all sorts of drama, just to beg. Having finished his day at school, yes he is to join fifth standard now, it was the time to earn money, by selling toys. His parents are working at a nearby construction site. I wonder what this kid would have answered to Rubeena if she asked him if cherished his childhood?
Would you buy a toy if, by any chance, spot any of those burdened boys around? It might cost us not more than ten or twenty rupees, but it might change their lives. He politely answered that he earns fifty to hundred rupees, if he has a lucky day. Wish every day brings a fair bit of luck.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Positive perspective!

Imagine you wake up to read a headline “Skilful pilots land copter on terrace” or to read this “Engine fails Helicopter lands on apartment terrace”. These are the headlines of two different leading national news papers, through which a majority of Indians begin their day. It occurred a few days ago in Bangalore when a helicopter developed failures in the lone engine. Pilot & the trainer ensured safe landing on the terrace of a building, averting a major mishap.

Do you see any difference in those two verses of a literature considered to be of high regard?

These above statements carry two different perspectives in it. One has a positive, motivating message being conveyed where as the later showcases the failure. The larger picture, to understand, is the ability to come up and try something new. The later statement has, undoubtedly, suppressed the immense talent and the ability of a young potential pilot, using his skills, avoided casualties.

Ill fated Helicopter
When an entire nation wakes up to read these national news papers, it is obvious that it bears lot of influence on people's perspective towards a country’s ambition to develop new technology, towards it’s strive to achievements, towards its path to glory.

When some alien showcases the dark side, and the so called slums, of our country, it wins enormous accolades across the globe. Where in these honorable, self proclaimed journalists, just for the sake of making profits, strip the pride of our country in front of their own citizens.

Do these journalists realize they are, or they can be, catalysts in changing the mindset of people? When will they realize the importance of being mature enough to support in harmony rather than inculcating in needless criticism?

Friday, April 13, 2012

A word of appreciation - Awesome blogger!

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well - Voltaire.

Appreciation is always married, in fact very happily, to motivation. A word of appreciation, to an aspiring person, is like millions of ways towards perfection. The one who appreciates will, and must, deserve utmost gratitude. Voltaire is true.

Alka Narula is one such graceful person who appreciated my work in the bloggers world. She has bestowed upon me an award, Awesome blogger award, which is equal to an Oscar, for me. I am a beginner when compared to some of the indomitable writers. I knew her through Indiblogger, one of the most suitable forums for bloggers.

I thank you for your noble gesture Alka. You have been an inspiration. Thanks a lot. This award means a lot to me and i hope to live up to expectations.

As per the rules for accepting this award, i have to do this:
  • Thank the person who conferred this award to me
  • Share 7 things about me (the most difficult part)
  • Pass the award to 15 newly discovered great bloggers ( Alka, can i change this rule? Next person can present this award to any number of bloggers he/she would like to. You must know it better how difficult it is to select only a few. Every blogger deserves this. Do you agree?)
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award
I hope i have done justice to the first obligation, of thanking the person. Let me come to the most difficult part of sharing few things about me.  
  1. I am an introvert. It takes a lot of time for me to get along with a new person i meet, particularly girls. It literally took me three months to start a conversation with a girl travelling along with me, every day in my office cab. Please don't laugh.
  2. On the contrary, I am very jovial person. Peep into my facebook profile, you will come to know.
  3. I am single. (hehehehe I am finding it difficult to write a few things about me, already)
  4. I love to drive. Enjoy long drives with friends
  5. I love playing cricket. It doesn't mean i play only cricket, i do play lot of other sports too. (two more to go...huh)
  6. I adore my Blog (needless to say though)
  7. I don't like a lot of things about me (For obvious reasons, i cannot disclose those things)
Oh that was pretty tough. It is time now for me to pass on the prestigious award to the people who deserve and are far more worthy than i am. It is an honor for me to pass this on. And the award goes to:
Thank god, i am done. It is very hard to select fifteen out those fifty plus bloggers i know. Rule number two is changed.

All readers are bloggers' inspiration to come up with something new. I hope it continues. Thanks a lot. Happy reading.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bikhre Bimb - a perspective!

Aap log to sirf mujhe dekhte hain stage pe… par iss performance ke peeche 15 aur logon ka haath hai. Mai chahti hoon ke aap un sab ke liye ek round of applause dein, Dhanyawad. (You people see only me on stage, but there are 15 more people who contribute to this performance. I want all of you to give a round of applause for them. Thank you).

These were the humble words by Arundhati Nag at the end of a mesmerizing performance for a play called Bikhre bimb at Rangashankara. Every person in that glorious auditorium was up on their feet to applaud. They had every reason to do so. They were applauding a wonderful actor, a humble personality, a flawless fantastic performance, a brilliant director and a hard working team.

Arundhati Nag

Arundhati Nag, who won a National award for best supporting role for the movie PAA, is a well-known actress & theatre personality. On stage, she is such a grace. She, all by herself, kept a house full of audience attentive to her performance for the entire show. There was never a dull moment.

Enacting a play is not as easy as we think. Unlike movies where in there are several re-takes, spot boys to help actors with script and what not. On the contrary, here a performer has no option re-takes. Everything is live in-front of the audience. There is very limited, or I can say, NO ROOM FOR ERROR. Arundhati Nag is one of the finest among all and the standing ovation was, perhaps, a proof of it.

Bikhre bimb

Bikhre bimb (Broken images)
is a play written originally in Kannada, odakalu bimba, by noted playwright, poet, director, actor Girish Karnad. Bikhre bimb (co-directed by KM Chaitanya) is all about Manjula Naik, a professor of English literature, who also writes short stories in Kannada. Her life changes drastically after she comes up with a novel in English. Even though the audience thinks this as the epitome of the play, but the story moves on to take a lot of interesting twists and turns.

Though this is a mono act, it is the brilliance of Mr. Girish Karnad, who makes the audience feel the presence of other prominent characters, Manjula’s husband & her sister, on stage. The play has an elegant touch of humor which enthralls the audience. I would honestly urge those who live in Bangalore, not to miss this play.

The essence of this play is about a human being’s existence and his conscious. No matter how you present yourself to the world, your conscious will know what you are.


Located in one of the prime localities of Bangalore, Rangashankara is an inception of late Mr. Shankar Nag. Husband of Arundhati Nag, he was a prominent actor, director and a visionary. Ambience is quite scintillating. Auditorium is very decently designed to seat an audience of more than a couple of hundreds.

Things to remember

Unlike movie theatres, there are no seat numbers at Rangashankara. You have to be present at the venue half n hour before the show time. And most importantly, if you are late by even a few minutes, you will be denied entry in the auditoria, reason – Very obvious, you can not disturb others.

Plays begin on the time. Pin drop silence prevails. You will be requested to turn-off your mobiles phones, even though there are jammers installed in the premises, to ensure there in no inconvenience caused during the entire performance. There is every measure taken to let you enjoy the show. So better do it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Women's day!

Happy women's day to all female friends, followers and my dear readers. I am pretty sure that no words are enough to explain a woman. But here is a expression of gratitude towards thier existence. Thank you for being a woman.

You bring strength as a sister, love as a wife, happiness as a girl
Serene as ever, you are marvelous as a pearl...
Sacred as a mother, under her feet is the heaven
You are so wonderful,i thank you for being a woman...

Sunday, February 12, 2012


As a youngest member of our family I have to follow all the instructions and also obey the orders passed by my parents:-). One of those is to be their chauffer. Since we moved to Bangalore from our hometown, which is 200 kms away from here, my parents never miss or never want to miss any of their relative’s weddings. It is their chance to mingle with their buddies and relatives who live far away.

Recently I accompanied my father to one of his best friend’s son’s wedding. It was very hard and perhaps an embarrassing moment for me since I barely knew any one at that wedding. The only person familiar to me was my father, of-course.

My father was very delighted to meet his good old friends from his hometown. The conversation started with a very obvious and curious question Hegide saar bengloor lifu? (How is Bangalore life, sir?). Without any hesitation my father replied nammoor maatu ee ooralli illa saar (This city is never better than our hometown). He loves his hometown and given a chance he would prefer to go back.

After finishing my dinner in less than four and a half minutes, which is very unusual of me, I walked out of the wedding hall to be comfortably seated on my bike. While I was waiting for my father to come back, I saw a person smoking cigarette. He was in his early forties. All of a sudden he went and hid behind a car. I was confused to see what he was trying to do.

All the while he was also watching me watch him. A couple of minutes later he came out smiling and even though I did not start any conversation with him, he went on to explain what he was doing. He said my elder brother was passing by; I went aside to hide so that he should not see me smoking. Out of curiosity I asked whether his brother knew about this habit of his or not? Laughingly he said his brother knows it very well but it is the respect which stops from smoking in front of him. It brought a pleasant smile on my rather grim face.

Not long ago, I read an article which mentioned about some foreign countries where the traffic comes to a halt or slows down when an elderly citizen is crossing the road. The author was trying to highlight the differences in culture. I would say we Indians are not far behind.

Monday, January 2, 2012


I never miss any opportunity to visit my most dear cousin S who lives in Hindupur, 150 kilometers away from Bangalore. This weekend was one such opportunity which I grabbed without any hesitation. She is the best cook I have ever met and the delicious food she cooks is just mouth watering. This post is not about my visit to her but it is all about my return journey to Bangalore.

As usual I was comfortably seated in the last seat of the bus in which I was about to travel for the next four hours. Unfortunately, most of the times, I end up getting the last seat. After an hour of the strenuous journey, there was a buzz inside the bus. There were two elderly men who went to each of the passenger checking if they were travelling with a legal ticket. This was for the first time I was witnessing such sight. For me having travelled frequently in trains and busses had never come across this activity.

I showed my ticket which I had kept safely in my valet to one of the checking staff. The person sitting next to the window after a couple of seats from mine was horrified and searching all over the place for his ticket. He had lost it. He looked like a decent person and I am sure he was not lying about losing his ticket.

In a couple of minutes the conductor of the bus was also summoned and those three people started shouting at him. That guy looked helpless as he was taken to task in front of so many people. One of the co-passenger was brave enough to intervene and asked the conductor to check his electronic ticket issuing device for data about the tickets sold and the number of persons travelling on bus matched or not. Ashtella detailaagi nodakke aagalla saaar (I cannot check those entire details sir) is what the conductor had to say.

I thought the devices must be good enough to check if the person had really lost the ticket after buying or had deliberately not bought a ticket. It was indeed shameful even though none of the passengers knew that person.

Next time you travel, ensure to have your tickets with you all through the journey.