Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Desperate Eyes

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Rubeena, with her melodiously sweet voice was talking to one of the many callers on her show called ‘flashback with Rubeena’ on radio. I was falling in love with Kavitha Krishnamurthy who was at her vocal best in one of her songs being aired. Next to follow was the legendary voice of Mr. Jagjit Singh, singing one of the best gazals of all time. Humming to these serene tunes I was couched comfortably at the navigator’s seat of a friend’s car.

Rubeena had an interesting topic being discussed on air. She was asking her listeners to express their childhood memories where in they had anything mischievous to hide their wrong doings. One of the interesting caller, believe me she also had an amazing voice, went on to narrate her tale. We were at a traffic signal when a boy, who had been to this world around a decade ago, approached us to sell a toy.

His bones were wrapped around with a thin layer of skin, which could have easily been torn apart, without prompting much of a pain. His hair screamed they had never been caressed with the smoothness of oil. His clothes had seldom tasted water. His dark eyes were so so desperate. His voice uttered emotions.

The toy!
One thing which impressed me is that though life had pushed him to extremities of deadly hunger and poverty, it hasn’t got the best of him, yet. He was not begging. More often than not we see people resorting to all sorts of drama, just to beg. Having finished his day at school, yes he is to join fifth standard now, it was the time to earn money, by selling toys. His parents are working at a nearby construction site. I wonder what this kid would have answered to Rubeena if she asked him if cherished his childhood?
Would you buy a toy if, by any chance, spot any of those burdened boys around? It might cost us not more than ten or twenty rupees, but it might change their lives. He politely answered that he earns fifty to hundred rupees, if he has a lucky day. Wish every day brings a fair bit of luck.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Positive perspective!

Imagine you wake up to read a headline “Skilful pilots land copter on terrace” or to read this “Engine fails Helicopter lands on apartment terrace”. These are the headlines of two different leading national news papers, through which a majority of Indians begin their day. It occurred a few days ago in Bangalore when a helicopter developed failures in the lone engine. Pilot & the trainer ensured safe landing on the terrace of a building, averting a major mishap.

Do you see any difference in those two verses of a literature considered to be of high regard?

These above statements carry two different perspectives in it. One has a positive, motivating message being conveyed where as the later showcases the failure. The larger picture, to understand, is the ability to come up and try something new. The later statement has, undoubtedly, suppressed the immense talent and the ability of a young potential pilot, using his skills, avoided casualties.

Ill fated Helicopter
When an entire nation wakes up to read these national news papers, it is obvious that it bears lot of influence on people's perspective towards a country’s ambition to develop new technology, towards it’s strive to achievements, towards its path to glory.

When some alien showcases the dark side, and the so called slums, of our country, it wins enormous accolades across the globe. Where in these honorable, self proclaimed journalists, just for the sake of making profits, strip the pride of our country in front of their own citizens.

Do these journalists realize they are, or they can be, catalysts in changing the mindset of people? When will they realize the importance of being mature enough to support in harmony rather than inculcating in needless criticism?

Friday, April 13, 2012

A word of appreciation - Awesome blogger!

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well - Voltaire.

Appreciation is always married, in fact very happily, to motivation. A word of appreciation, to an aspiring person, is like millions of ways towards perfection. The one who appreciates will, and must, deserve utmost gratitude. Voltaire is true.

Alka Narula is one such graceful person who appreciated my work in the bloggers world. She has bestowed upon me an award, Awesome blogger award, which is equal to an Oscar, for me. I am a beginner when compared to some of the indomitable writers. I knew her through Indiblogger, one of the most suitable forums for bloggers.

I thank you for your noble gesture Alka. You have been an inspiration. Thanks a lot. This award means a lot to me and i hope to live up to expectations.

As per the rules for accepting this award, i have to do this:
  • Thank the person who conferred this award to me
  • Share 7 things about me (the most difficult part)
  • Pass the award to 15 newly discovered great bloggers ( Alka, can i change this rule? Next person can present this award to any number of bloggers he/she would like to. You must know it better how difficult it is to select only a few. Every blogger deserves this. Do you agree?)
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award
I hope i have done justice to the first obligation, of thanking the person. Let me come to the most difficult part of sharing few things about me.  
  1. I am an introvert. It takes a lot of time for me to get along with a new person i meet, particularly girls. It literally took me three months to start a conversation with a girl travelling along with me, every day in my office cab. Please don't laugh.
  2. On the contrary, I am very jovial person. Peep into my facebook profile, you will come to know.
  3. I am single. (hehehehe I am finding it difficult to write a few things about me, already)
  4. I love to drive. Enjoy long drives with friends
  5. I love playing cricket. It doesn't mean i play only cricket, i do play lot of other sports too. (two more to go...huh)
  6. I adore my Blog (needless to say though)
  7. I don't like a lot of things about me (For obvious reasons, i cannot disclose those things)
Oh that was pretty tough. It is time now for me to pass on the prestigious award to the people who deserve and are far more worthy than i am. It is an honor for me to pass this on. And the award goes to:
Thank god, i am done. It is very hard to select fifteen out those fifty plus bloggers i know. Rule number two is changed.

All readers are bloggers' inspiration to come up with something new. I hope it continues. Thanks a lot. Happy reading.