Thursday, August 23, 2012

Awards! Tags! Awards!

It has been a prodigious journey so far in the bloggers world. Little had I expected that this voyage will make me come across so many ingenious writers? I am glad to have discovered each of your blog space.

Abundant in talent, many recognize and appreciate imminent bloggers. I consider myself lucky to receive so many awards recently. Now it is my turn to accept and to pass it on.

Thank you:

Nagini: A Painter, voracious reader, a homemaker, a blogger. Her book reviews will make the books even more interesting. Thank you for honoring me with “Liebster blog award”.

Anupam: Versatile is the best word which will describe Anupam Patra. He writes about anything and everything. Current affairs, poetry, fiction, movies and the list will continue. I thank Anupam for awarding my second “Liebster blog award”.

Neha: Packed with passion and enthusiasm, Neha’s journal is an interesting blog. She will never fail to impress you with her witty posts. Thank you Neha for the double bonanza, an “awesome blogger” and one more “Liebster” 

Blue girl: I got this award out of the blue :). A new visitor on my blog, she honored me with one another “Liebster”. Thank you Blue girl.

Jaish: A compelling writer. She has got a Plenty of talent when it comes to narrating stories. Will keep readers glued to her blog with her enticing posts. Thank you for my first Tag Jaishree.

Liebster blog: The word Liebster is German, which translates to Dearest and also means Sweetest, Beloved, Kind, Pleasant, Cute etc.

Rules for all the Awards are almost similar: To accept the award, one has to

• Mention seven or eleven facts about him/ her.
• Answer the questions if you are asked by the person who awarded you.
• Tag the person who awarded you
• Pass on the awards to other bloggers

Facts about me:

Even though I hesitate to admit, one lousy fact is that I am very lazy. I am great at procrastinating things (It took me more than a month to accept these awards, confirms it). So to display my laziness, I am providing a link to one of earlier posts which mention some of the facts about me. Please bear with me to click here and to read them, of-course.

Here comes the tough part of this post. I hate exams for the same reason and many of you are getting me to do the same. Someone please help me.

Jaishree tagged me and has asked me to answer these many:

1) Is there any specific time of the day that you set aside for blogging?
Nope. I utilize my travel, to office, time to read other’s blogs.

2) Do you live to eat or eat to live? :)
It depends on the dish you are offering 

3) Name some movies you would never mind watching again and again
Anand, Cast away, Sharabi, Million dollar baby, behind enemy lines, a beautiful mind… list goes on Jaish.

4) Which is the best place you have been to on vacation?

5) If you are given an option of eradicating any one social evil in India which one would you pick and why?
I would love to see India free of all social evils. Has there been a day we haven’t read or heard about killings, rape’s, Blasts, Kidnaps? I want to see a day with peace.

6) Name one bad habit you have been trying to change
Bad habits and me? You must be kidding na? :) Procrastination
7) What’s your favorite cuisine and food items?
My mom cooks amazingly delicious Biriyani. So far that is my favorite.

8) Share something which a small kid said to you, the memory of which always brings a smile to your face
My nephew and I share a beautiful relation. I have many fond memories with him which never ceases to bring a smile on my face.

9) What was the scariest experience you had in life so far?
Receiving so many awards and the thought of facing so many tough questions 

10) When you are extremely confused about some decision what do you do?
I get confused, again :)

11) Which is your most favorite genre in blogging?
I like to be humorous. But I am not confined to any one genre. Hope to be versatile.

Huh… that was very tough Jaish.

Next is Anupam’s turn to trouble me :)

12] 'Checkered blue n white' or 'black'?
Checkered blue

13] Curtains or no curtains?

14] Hardcover, paperback or ebooks?

15] What's your ambiance while writing?

16] Do you plan to publish a novel?
Not yet.

17] Do you like to make a gift for your loved one or do you rather buy?
Make a gift, with love

18] Which is the most beautiful color according to you?
Sky looks so beautiful when it is blue.

19] What’s your mantra in life?
Forget past, Think of future.

20] Have you ever thought of becoming a soldier in your life?
Given a chance, I would love to serve Indian navy now (but they have age restrictions, I think)

21] Do you have stage fear?

22] ‘Mickey mouse/ Aladin/Duck Tales’ or ‘ Shin Chan/ Doraemon/ Kitretsu’?
Mickey mouse 

To add to my misery, Neha pitches in now:

23. Have you ever fallen off your bed while sleeping?
Nope. But I did act like I fell  to avoid college for a few days

24. Do you still sleep with your teddy bear?
I never slept with one. (Had you imagined asking this question to a boy, Neha?)

25. Which celebrity do you have a crush on right now?
Sunny :) (You guessed it right)

26. Have you ever done something wild & crazy? If so, do tell.
Answer to the first question is an example. There are a lot lot more 

27. Your favorite super-hero?
Batman (Shaktiman gave a tough fight for this answer though)

28. Your favorite childhood cartoon character?
Tom & Jerry, even now :)

29. Your hobbies?
Writing, reading, collage

30. Your favorite Author?
Paul Coelho

31. Your favorite junk food?
Pani-poori (golgappe)

32. Your favorite music band?
Not specific. Fan of Kishore, Lata, Rafi, Mukesh. Adele & Enrique are also favorites.

33. Are my questions silly and stupid?
I like them :)

Now it is time to pass on these prestigious awards. Toughest job to do. Each and every blogger is, indeed, a worthy recipient. Unfortunately I have to name only a few.

Liebster award goes to:
Ajeya – The hours – My memoir

Amit sir – Safarnama

Deepak sir (For your many blogs)– Magiceye

Rohu – Solitude sublime

Rads – Blog-a-zine

Sujata – Conversations

Ghazala – Woman on the run

Sonia – Never ending thoughts

Usha – Sizzling Indian recipes

Mangala – The world’s my oyster

Anu – Joys of blogging

Awesome blogger award goes to:

Nabanita – Random thoughts

Sushma Harish

Privy trifles - Memoirs of me

Vaishali - Soul curry

Alcina - Afixxion addixt

Arun - Passion for movies

Tangy tomato twist

Divya Nambiar - Tipsy from the trip

Anjali Saini - The virtual life

Arti – My yatra diary

Bikram (i know you have answered many questions earlier Bik, please don't link them Me and my random thoughts

PS: Award winners can pick any of the 11 questions from the above and answer them or they can even chose to mention 7 facts about themselves. Choice is yours :) Request all to pass on these. Thank you.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I sweat

Photo credit: Mak
 I sweat I fret I struggle I earn
Staring at your luxury I yearn
Gods must have been very partial 
Why am I at distress and his denial?

  PS: During a recent trip to Kerala, we stopped over at a village for a cup of early morning tea. A church, nearby, caught my attention and I started clicking some photographs. Four elderly women were cleaning the streets next to the church. One of them asked me to take their photos, in Malayalam, which I eventually understood. This poem is dedicated to her.