Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Do!

Every man dreams about spending his life with an exceptional woman, with whom he shall share his soul, happiness, dreams, laments and every moment. Boundless joy and delight marks the occasion when these dreams come alive. September eighth, twenty twelve was the ecstatic day when I entered into a divine relationship of life, termed as marriage.

The moment when respected cleric questioned if I accepted Naziya as my wife, for the rest of my life, loud, clear and confident came the answer, Alhamdulillah, I Do. Never in words shall I be able to express my emotions at that instant. My contentment was endless, happiness abundant.

A few words for her!
Whenever I breathe, I remember you

In every breath, I feel the fragrance of you

Naive, is it the breath which keeps me alive?

Even before I breathe, I remember you!

Hunt for my life partner, officially, had begun around eight to ten months ago. Each time, clad in best of the fabric available, I set out for a formality which I hated the most. More than worse were the situations when I was asked to talk with prospective bride in front of a dozen people from those orthodox families. How on earth is it possible? I wonder how bad the girls would be cursing such situations.

My life was entirely different when I met Naziya during one such situation. It took less than a few seconds when I nodded my head in acceptance. The world around me was glittering gold (thanks to Naziya and the sunglasses I was wearing).

All these days I have been away from bloggers world. I hope I was missed (being optimistic here). I will try to read all your posts, very soon.

Hope to be a regular blogger soon. Thank you all.