Friday, November 20, 2009

Thë CreätiÖn – Ôf mÿ jõurñeÿ

“Forget your fate, think your destiny”, were the words flashed thru my mind when I reached the end of an light blue colored inland letter, addressing to my elder bro, who had moved to other city for the better. Yes, he had travelled across to Mysore from Chitradurga to pursue his education further.

It was the first time I ever wrote a letter to anyone. I was in class VIII. I wrote those words as a bottom line, the phrase which I copied from my brother’s letter to me. Let me tell you that I was replying to him, not the first to write though.

My journey of writing started thru Inland letters. In fact the first one I had borrowed from my elder sister. It continued for a couple of years, to friends this time, as I also moved to Mysore after finishing my 10th grade.

“Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy brown dog”, were the words pasted on to a clean piece of paper in my brother’s hostel room. It took me lotta time to understand what it meant or what it signified though. Something stopped me from asking my bro about this. I was rather more interested in doing something like that. It was like igniting the passion I had in me for creating a collage kind of a thing. I immediately started to collect phrases, proverbs from news papers & magazines to paste them on to a white paper. I still have my first collection with me. I hope to put a picture of that soon. Finally I came to know that all the English alphabets are used in that sentence. I remember reading it in an article on “kids world” from The Hindu. And I had heard my brother telling about it to one of his friends too.

Even though hailing from a small town, my father & my uncles are very good in writing. I do feel as if am carrying those skills in my genes, do you agree...? I did participate in writing essay’s when I was in school. Even I did participate in a collage competition in my previous company, BIL, on Global warming effects. Unfortunately my work was not considered to be applauded :( .

Being an active sports person, I got an opportunity to write an article on the recently concluded sports meet in my current company. I received incredible feedback on my articles, which inspired me to start writing this blog, second one in my journey. Thanks to the well directed guidance & motivation from my friends (A & D respectively – names confidential). Would like to take this wonderful journey of writing to a long distance. I hope i can live up to the expectaions of my fellow folks, who are bearing the pains to read this.

Happy reading… Hope to come back soon with lots more interesting things (hope it catches your interest). Pictures on this post… Coming soon…


  1. Nice post Mak...Good recollection. I wonder why your wrote those words to your Bro? are you going to write that in your next post?

  2. Gurugale - Thanks... Yes it is indeed a long story behind those words.. Hopefully will write it sometime.