Monday, January 18, 2010

Wonder Kid !!!

December 25th 2007, Christmas eve, around thirty minutes past seven in the evening, when my elder sis delivered a baby boy. It was the most happy moment for my entire family, who were waiting very eagerly for this spectacular moment. Though this happy moment was very soon presided with life threatening complications for the mother. It was Almighty's blessing & elders prayers which saved her life.

The spectacular moments were back again. It was a festive mood. Cheers filled the mood of the rather pensive hospital wards. Whatever might be the grief of people stayin around, everyone joined the brief celebs. It was the birth of my little nephew, Wonder kid, Shahid. Its been one month, he turned 2 years.

This kid is filled with life all over, usually all kids are. I was not kinda attached with kids, it usually lasted for not more than a hour or two, i could spend time with them. This is not the case with Shahid, i can spend hours, days, months together..without even a single moment of boredom. May be its because of havin seen him from d moment he was born & d pain his mother had when he came into this life.

"tum dono ek doosre ka khilona ho" (u both r each other's toy) my sis tells smilingly seein me n shahid playin with each other whole day. He jumps on me as soon as i enter home from office. We used to play till we exhaust our energies. I should admit, it is indeed a very tuf task to make kids eat their meal once they turn a year or so... oh god, he made me n my sis run all over d house to make him eat. I felt like winning a hard fought battle to have made him eat his meal (even though a small bowl).

He will cal me mama, once or twice, if i don't hear he will start shouting my name, mashuth, as he used to pronounce my name... i just loved it. Sometimes i pretend as though i didn't hear him just to listen his cute voice callin me wit name. So cute n lovely. i miss all these days as he is stayin with his parents. Miss u boy.

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