Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainzzzzz !!!

I think & i strongly believe that most people, of all ages, enjoy rains in some way or the other... Be it enjoying a wonderful ride on the bike, with the cool breeze blowing tru the hair, tiny little beautiful rain drops touching the faces. Or be it taking a lovely walk just after the rain, enjoying the rain drops falling from the trees along with the wind... Or enjoying the rain outside the window, holding the drops in your palms... Its just amazing when you open your arms & let the rains embrace you... I hope & i strongly believe each one does love this.

Thought of sharing one of my wonderful ride on my bike, on the way back home from office. It was a perfect weather for the evening ride, am sure couples would say as 'jsut a perfect time' for the romantic ride with their loved ones. I always enjoy my journey to office on a rainy day.

Enjoy rainzzz !!!

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