Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The care !!!

It was one of the articles from my mentor, Ajeya, which prompted me to observe people around me. Perhaps, I did observe even before I came across his post, but not as keen as to write about the interesting things which happen around me. This post is about one such experience which I witnessed recently.

It was around 9 PM, I was returning home in a city bus. I had been to visit my ailing cousin brother at Jayadeva Cardiac hospital, located in Jayanagar (Bangalore). Bus was less crowded since it was a Saturday evening. I was seated near the window, looking at the busy Bangalore roads.

Two kids boarded the bus along with their mother. The woman sat in the first seat of the bus & was searching for money in her bag to buy the tickets. My curiosity turned towards the two young girls. Both of them wanted to enjoy the sight from the window seat.

At this moment I went into the flashback mode of my days as a kid {Not black & white era though :-)}. As kids, I hope every one of us waited for the vacations to arrive so that we get to travel to our loved grandma’s grandpa’s villages.

These two kids in the bus went & sat in two different seats, window seats of course, behind where their mother was seated. I think the little girl was about eight years old, around two or three years younger to the other.

The younger girl looked worried. She was repeatedly looking at her elder sister, with a kind of hesitation on her face. I don’t know why but she reminded me of my days as a younger sibling in our family. On the other side, the elder girl was enjoying her journey in the bus, on her window seat. A few minutes later, she sent out a code worded stare at her younger sister, which was well enough for the young girl to promptly take a seat besides her sister.

Disappointment loomed large over the young girl’s face as she missed the jolly ride from the window seat, though her sister tried to pacify by showing her a few things outside the window. Their mother was quite relieved after looking at her daughters seated comfortable & perhaps also the responsibility shown by the elder one.

Sometimes i feel that,at times the boundaries drawn in the name of care can be relaxed. Having said that, i hope every one of us cherish the wonderful memories spent with our brothers & sisters.

With a pleasant smile on face, i got down from the bus at Banashankari.

May I dedicate this post to all the younger siblings? Just kidding.

PS - I usually find it difficult to keep a title for my posts.


  1. Nice observation...If you were at a window seat, then perhaps you could have offered that to the sweet little girl. :-)

  2. Ajeya, there were lot of window seats unoccupied, but the elder sister wanted the window seat & thier mom wanted both of them to sit together. So obviously, the younger sibling had to sacrifice her wish(window seat).