Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gentle !

It's quite a wonderful feeling when you come across some gentle gestures from little unknown people or even at not much familiar places you often visit. A flashy smile or a comprehending look from a stranger might well get you out of frustration at times. If you are part of any busy bustling cities, where traffic snarls find it very easy to bug you out of your mind on any given day, these gestures, does make you smile at the end of a hectic day. Let me share some of similar gestures I came across in the last couple of days.

Day 1

On the other day, I had to accompany my mom & sister in law to a nearby doctor. It's a car shed turned into a very neat clinic. As a first time visitor, I was going through all the usual health awareness posters, which are common among all the doctors. One little note, which I felt & I had not seen before at any of the hospitals or clinics, amused me. I only treat, he cures was painted in blue italics on a white colored wall. Even the doctor was a simple person like the words written outside.

Day 2

I was riding through the busy Bangalore roads, which are always crowded, on my Honda active last night. Thanks to on going metro rail construction, traffic woes are getting worse these days. Waiting for the signal to turn green, was having a look the giant machinery at the construction site. The guy on a similar two wheeler came rushing behind me & was honking out loud on me. I had no where to go. With a fully determined anger to shout, I turned towards him. There came a gentle gesture from an elderly gentleman. With a humble smile on his face, that person apologized to me stating a faulty horn switch. Anger vanished & the smile was back on my face.

Smile is indeed a beautiful gesture. Have it ! Be gentle !


  1. Mak, I loved reading this post .. you have perfectly narrated the sensitivity of gestures by sharing those two incidents ..just a little gesture of smile and acknowledgment does big magic.

  2. Hey Usha, thanks a lot. Am glad you loved it.

    Yes, these gestures are magical.

  3. It was a nice post, and your topic was good and quite important....

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  4. Hi mak,
    yes little gestures speaks a lot.A smile can state a thousand words .

  5. Nice post Mak...Simple thinks make up a day.

  6. Spread the smile!!!Good one dear!!

  7. Kiran, thanks a lot. Glad you liked it. Definitely will visit your blog soon.

    Raji.. yeah, you are right.

    Thanks Echu & Ajeya.

  8. A very powerful post, and yes, smile is a wonderful gesture, something that is missing in today's high pressure world!

  9. Well said Mak, smile can make your day. I usually get angry at my 2 yr old baby and then she calls me "mama....gussa mat karo na" and i am all smiles.

    Simple and nice post! thanks again for reminding me abt a simple smile.

  10. I read the other "Gentle" post too. It is surprising how a small kind act can change the day. i make it a point to always smile and thank the people with whom I come into contact, like the bus conductors, taxi drivers, waiters, helpers... and I feel happy when I see a smile break on their tired faces too...

    I learned to thank Bus conductors from NRI Girl... She used to do that years back when ever we go out together...

    I wonder whether she does that even now?

  11. hey stranger, thanks a lot. Yes smiling indeed changes a lot of things.

  12. Wow such a gentle post.. These little things are something which are really needed in life. Truly enjoyed reading it Mak.. Now let me catch with other posts on gentle:)

    1. I am thankful to you for visiting here Sonia. I appreciate your gesture. It is an honor. Thanks again. :)

      May be i am asking for more, do take time to read all my posts. :)

  13. Lovely post Mak :). Sometimes all we need is a friendly gesture to make our day a good one.
    Aadre Bengaluru traffic maatra handle maadakaagalla alwa!! :P

  14. Dhanyavadagalu Neha :) appreciate you for reading my older posts. Makes me feel good.
    Haudu kanree bengaluru traffic handle madodu tumba kashta. Friendly gestures jote bahala patience irbeku :)
    Mysore yeshto vaasi alwa?