Friday, October 29, 2010


Do you cherish your childhood? Perhaps, the answer will be unhesitatingly yes, no matter you pose this question to anyone. Such is the treasure of one’s childhood, which never fails to bring a pleasant smile on your face. The abundant memories of your past will definitely cheer you up, even if you are in a pensive mood. As our lives evolve towards a better phase, as we grow old, we relive our glorious childhood through our kids or nephews or nieces.

my nephew & his friends

Having grown up as a kid more inclined towards sports, I always struggled in academics. Still struggling, I can say. Whenever my wonder kid nephew is around, I do remember my childhood. As a kid, I enjoyed a lot while gardening along with my brother & sister. My job was to water the plants & I always ended up drenched in water & mud. The memories are still fresh when we planted a banana tree in our garden. The preparation was quite interesting. I was six then.

I was very fond of the two boxes full of marbles, which were my brother’s hard earned collection. He used to make lot of toys out of clay. My favorite was a cart, which I used to pull around all the time, with a rope tied to it. Even the wheels were artistically made out of clay.

We were never short of pranks. Railway gate master had a tough time in containing our group of friends. It was a Sunday afternoon when he got hold of three of us, my brother, me & a friend. We used to keep the stones on the railway track, which ran parallel to our homes. Luckily, I did manage to slip away from his clutch & unfortunately my brother & our friend got some punishment from the old man.

During those days, going to school was the toughest time. My mother had to run behind to get me ready for school, almost every day. Mom still laughs remembering those days. Lunch time was filled more with lot of fun & play rather than what it was actually meant for. Annual day celebrations were the most eagerly awaited event for us. It meant lot of roaming around & no studies for a week or two. During one of those, I played the character of a tailor in the drama. Our teachers went through the herculean task of making us memorize our lines & to deliver them in order of appearance.

Those memories are an integral part of lives now. I always fantasize of getting my childhood back. I always wonder if I can go back to the same school, with the same bunch of friends. Time takes away the best & leaves you with a new set, which eventually turns out the best again. Couple of weeks back, I got an opportunity to visit Chitradurga along with my mom. I did visit my school where I completed my primary schooling. It was great to be back at the school, this time as a mere visitor.

my school

After my visit to the school, i did enjoy my early morning trip to the glorious fort of chitradurga. Have a look at some of the pictures. bye for now.

The glorious Chitradurga fort


  1. Lovely Flashback of urs Mak... Wish we were frens from ur child hood itself!!!wat do u say???? ;)

  2. Beautiful writing style. you made me nostalgic too...

    will visit you often..

  3. @ stranger.. Thanks a lot. You are always welcome here..
    It is good to be nostalgic sometimes, i feel.

  4. lovely,short and sweet post with very beautiful pictures...all the best for the contest

  5. Thanks a ton Seema. You are welcome here and wish to see you here often.

  6. beautifully narrated and lovely pictures :)