Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inspiration !!!

Inspiration is perhaps very much necessary to each one of us. We ourselves can truly inspire our-self. We know the person within us better than anyone else. Inspiring ourselves is the best one can do for the one self. I do speak to myself quite often, and i hope most of you too do, which is quite inspiring for me.

From a last couple of weeks, myself, good friend Ajeya & some of our colleagues are practicing for 5 kilometer Marathon coming up in December. We decided to run on the roads instead of using treadmills. It was all fun & indeed very stressful. When the stress gets the best out of you, we always tend to give up. Such was the scenario with me once. Half a kilometer to finish, i was grasping for breath. I was very much certain to stop at that point, even though the destination was in sight. Then i spoke to myself, regained my confidence & composure to complete the run.

I was very much excited when Ajeya expressed about the same feelings while we were discussing after our practice. He was true to say that the sighting of our destination helped us do our best. Hope to better our time during our next session.

Instead of searching for Inspiration elsewhere, we got to look into ourselves. If we can't find tranquility in ourselves, we can't find it anywhere.


  1. Hey very nice write up..and i do agree with u " if we cant find it in ourselves, we cant find it anywhere"

    this post reminded me of my first dance class after 5 years gap and how i gathered all that i got to keep pace with all the younger dancers. :))

  2. Thanks anupama.
    Good to hear that you are a dancer. All the best.

  3. You are right Mak... Sometimes I force myself to do things I need to...

    Best of luck to you and friends .... for that 5 kilometer Marathon

  4. Hi... I try to follow you but every time it reports error... "request too large to process..." why?

  5. @ stranger - thanks for the wishes.

    Am not sure why the error is, i have checked the blogger settings. Give it a try once more. :)

  6. nice post Mak. My husband always says "God helps those who help themselves" and I have also started to follow that. If we cannot inspire ourselves, how can we be inspiring to others?
    Anyways thanks for your comments on my work at stranger's blog :)

  7. Hey mangala.. thanks a lot. Very true when you say that if we cannot inpsire ourselves, we can not inpsire others.
    It was a wonderful craft you had done. Will visit soon. Thanks