Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic day !

If i recall my school days, the months of January & August were filled with a lot of excitement & fun. Apart from being very prominent in the history of independent India, these were the months when i used to get a chance to participate in all the fine arts & sports activities at school. Finally when the D-days come, with all enthusiasm i used to attend the celebrations.

As the days passed on, professional life got so much big on us that we stopped enjoying those moments. On a same note, couple of years back, myself & good friend Guru, thought of attending a nearby school during these two days. This year too, both of us were lucky enough to be part of the republic day celebrations at 'Holy Saint primary school', located in Jayanagar.

We started the day with breakfast at the Adiga's hotel in Banashankari. I had hot set dosa & crispy vada, while guru had tasty pongal. We reached the school around 8:30 AM. Since we knew the timings of the event, we were on time. Last year we had reached too early.

Watching those little Kindergarten kids dressed up neatly in their uniforms is such an amazing feeling. All were looking so cute & much disciplined to be standing in the rows marked. School management had made arrangements this time with pendals & chairs for the audience. The event was scheduled to begin at 9 30 AM. Teachers were busy in getting all the kids to their respective positions for the march past. Some were getting the flag post ready for the tricolor to be hoisted high.

Standing out
While we were waiting for the event to kick off, guru pointed out towards a girl, of about 12 or 13 years old, who was volunteering to take care of the little kids during the parade. She was given the responsibility of about fifteen students. That girl was running around to ensure each kid is looking perfect. There were many girls of her age who were doing the same as she was, but this girl was very graceful. She was physically challenged. We didn't have the courage to ask what her name was, or what was her inspiration. She was filled with immense energy.

The event
The celebrations began once the guests arrived. After the general salute, chief guest hoisted the flag. National anthem was played by the school band itself. Now it was time for the kids to begin their march past which they did without any hassles. It was a treat to watch these beautiful kids performing. As the other programs were about to begin, we both decided to get back home. It was indeed a very good beginning of the day for us.

I wish you all a very happy Republic day.


  1. Mak : very nice , it should have been nice to be at Kids RD Parade :)

  2. Hey thanks subbu.. Yes, it was indeed very nice to be there to see those cute kids.

  3. Good one Mak...U know i have been the School SPL(School Pupil Leader) in my 12 th standard , guiding all the children behind me.. It was such a pride to hold the Flag in my hands...Jai hind...

  4. Thanks Echu.. Nice to know about your experience.

  5. Nice. I miss my republic day march....and the practise sessions. Those were the best days!:-)

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