Friday, December 24, 2010

Kids !

I always get fascinated by the wonderful gestures of kids. They have a own way of expressing their happiness, anger or their excitement. Sometimes when your energy is down or when you are out of your mood, these kids can make you cheer within no time.

After reaching home from office, occasionally I take a walk to go around & catch up with friends who stay nearby. During one of these journeys, I came across this little girl, who was trying to help his father to close his grocery store. There was something unusual & it was very much interesting which caught my attention that night.

The weather was cloudy & it was about to rain. I noticed a sense of urgency in that little girls’ father, as he was hurrying up to close down his store. As you can imagine, usually there will be lot of stuff kept outside the grocery shops. He was busy in wrapping up all the stuff & keep them safely inside, safe from the rains.

The unusual & interesting thing was this little girl, who I think was about 4 to 5 year old. She was running in & out of the store, with lot of excitement & enthusiasm. She did carry some small stuff, which she could lift, & arranged it inside.

There was a moment when I stopped walking & very curiously started observing that little girl. She tried to lift a bag, which was about half of her height, & may be much more than her own weight, but the bag didn’t move. Regaining her breath, she gave it a second try; unfortunately the bag was very reluctant to move.

I was standing at a close distance from the actual scene. That little girl thought for a while & like a brave soldier, went after it again. This time the energy was high & so was the confidence. For the first time in those few minutes, the little girls’ face showed a glimpse of sadness & mine too.

I was very keen to know what will be her next move. Appa, idanna neene olagade idu, nange aagta illa (daddy, you keep this inside, am not able to keep it) She said these to her father. There was so much innocence in her words which made her father smile & he hugged her in his arms.

There are moments when you feel let down & there are moments like this, which makes your heart jump in joy & inspire you to be happy & smile.


  1. Why didn't u go ahead and help her???

  2. Thanks Ajeya..

    Echu .. there wouldn't have been any excitement if had helped her.. It was quite obvious that the little couldn't have lifted that bag, but the attraction was her reaction at that situation. It was very amazing.