Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woman !!!

I wish all the women, a very Happy Women's day. Woman is the personification of self sacrifice. She is very special. Starting with Mother, then as a caring sister, a friend to rely on and as a life partner. A woman is always part of our life, making it pleasant & beautiful. On this Women's day, i would like to dedicate a poem, my first one, to all the women on earth. Thanks for being a woman.

As i said, this is my first ever try towards writing poems, I welcome your appreciation & criticism as well. Here it is,

When the winds of memories flow,
her thoughts, begin to glow...
sweet were the days when we were together,
i wish, those days, come back to me forever...

The days have become very long,
and the nights begin to haunt...
Magic filled the air when she was around,
am sitting here all alone, looking at life, beyond...


  1. Thanks Mak, that's sweet of u! The poem is very very nice, good try for a first timer. Try to make it longer. Add a few more lines to it, m sure it will only better it.

  2. Thanks a lot Mangala. Sure, will work on it. Am glad you liked it.

  3. Hi Came over from NRIGIRL's Blog..
    The poem is excellent .. So many people got this talent to write and use such lovely words .. wish i could one day ...


  4. Bikramjit, thanks a lot.
    You too can start writing poems, wish you all the best. Thanks for visiting my blog, glad you liked it. Keep visiting.

  5. It is good Mak... you can easily write beautiful poems...

  6. Hey thanks stranger.. Long time, no see from you...

  7. Hi Mak ,nice poem.Was this dedicated to your mother?I wish I had those days again..

  8. Mak,

    I also want to know on who is this poem???Pl tell..

  9. hmm.. that was really nice.. an ode to womanhood.. truly a best thing i feel..
    good work :)

  10. Mak, So nice of you to honor all women on women's Day..Giving right credit to women doesn't come quite easy from men. Thank you.

    For first time poem this is great start..involve yourself more and start expressing..would love to read more.

    Pardon my late arrival.

  11. @raji n echu - thanks again. This is dedicated to all women :)
    Deepika,glad you appeared here n liked it.
    Usha - i feel honored to hear your appreciation. Thanks a lot. Your late arrival is pardoned :)

  12. beautiful post
    yes women important part of every humanbeing

  13. It's a dedication well deserved, given the role women play in helping humanity retain sanity.

  14. Thanks SM & Anil. Glad you guys visited & liked my post.

  15. @Mak, need to confirm ur order please. can u send me a mail at

  16. Replies
    1. Thank you Girija. Though i am not sure that i am worth being termed as a poet :) feels good to hear it. Welcome here.