Monday, June 13, 2011


Captured my random thoughts in the form of these poems..Read on !!!

I run out of words to express my feelings,
Nothing more worth than those beautiful evenings...
Hand in hand we walked many a mile,
Never did I realize she was here only for a while...

When the pages of my past flutter,
She is the one whom i remember...
Lonely i sit yearning for more & more,
How do i tell she is the one i always adore...

I wish she was sitting next to me holding my hand,
Making my life more meaningful and a lot grand…
Whole world appeared to me as my fantasy,
Colors of joy around & a heart filled with ecstasy…

Her beautiful eyes speaks a thousand words
Her smile shines like a diamond in the herds…
She is always a personification of self sacrifice
She spells magic in her mesmerizing voice…

The imagination of a poet holds no barrier, needs no explanation. The perception & his emotions flow with his mood & the time. Lot more to come.


  1. Oh my God!!Mak its jus so amazing da!I have no words like u to praise ur beautiful poetry!Envy the girl whom u describe!!

  2. wow! its really nice :)

    my fav line "She spells magic in her mesmerizing voice…"

    keep writing :)

  3. Thanks to Ajay & Echu :)

    AS - Thanks for stopping by. Sure will write more.
    Well, my fav line is "Nothing more worth than those beautiful evenings..."

  4. Dude...really good...i am very proud of you

  5. Thanks Anupama.

    Hey Sudhi...thanks a lot kano.

  6. @ sm - thanks a lot..glad you liked it.

  7. Nice one Mak. It brings a smile and little puzzlement to readers

  8. Hey stranger, thank you. Why do you feel puzzled..? Hey stranger, thank you. Why do you feel puzzled..?

  9. Mak U wrote it twice or is it a mistake while posting??(Am really puzzled here :))

  10. lovely lines...nicely crafted words!

  11. nice one. will come back and go through rest of ur posts :)

    1. Thank you Debajyoti. You are always welcome here.

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Anjali. Warm welcome to you here :)