Sunday, October 16, 2011


Weddings are the ones where, of course, a couple begin their new phase of life, but also, weddings are the ones where friends reunite. People who stay far away from their childhood buddies or their college friends, get a chance to catch up with them. Undoubtedly, the recent advertisement which says "waise har ek friend zaroori hota hai (every friend is important)" is absolutely true.

Recently, my high school friend's wedding helped me meet some of the buddies whom i had not met for a long time. Not so surprisingly, all of us became very Nostalgic. Hours were spent remembering our school days. Each & every moment was still so fresh in our memories. All of us expressed one wish, wish we get back those days!

I always keep thinking if i wake up one fine day & find myself having gone back a reasonable amount of time. I wish i get back my school days, to be with the same bunch of friends. I also wish one day i meet a magician, who can make my wish come true.


  1. Mak, nice short post, I too wish there was a magician who can take us back to our pristine joyful childhood days...but we know there is no magician to do this..we can only cherish all the memories. :)

  2. oh how I wish I were back in my school days too!! missing those golden days!

  3. Usha - thanks. Yes, unfortunately there is no magician who can take us back to those wonderful days.
    Mangala - we can only wish & cherish :-)

  4. Always good to reunite with old school friends. :-)

  5. nice wish. yes, school memories are very strongly etched in our minds

  6. I too wish for the joyful school days, where our lives are not filled with question marks and skepticism.

  7. Love your posts, Mak... Short, crisp and so relatable :) Really wish for those good old carefree days... those moments and all the fun.

    1. Arti, you made my day with such a lovely comment. Thanks a lot.